Compassion Revival (“ComRev”) is committed to ensuring all personal information provided by each donor is respected, kept confidential, and handled appropriately. The following is the privacy policy for online donors of ComRev:

Why collect data?

Data collection helps ComRev to provide better service and improve efficiency. With the data, ComRev can have a better understanding what information and news he/she wishes to receive, thus providing better communication link with the donor,

What information will be collected by ComRev?

When you use this donation website, we will collect your personal information, such as your name, address, phone number, email and other contact information.

How does ComRev use your information?

When you provide us with information, we may use your information in various ways for different purposes, including:

• Identification of the donor;
• Process your donation;
• Raise funds in accordance with our internal policies and procedures;
• Administrative purposes (such as: follow up your donation inquiries, invite you to attend events, etc.);
• Distribute latest news about ComRev services and activities;
• Contact donor with the most appropriate communication channel in accordance with his/her indicated preference;
• Internal record keeping;
• Perform statistical and other analyses;
• In compliance with legal requirements

If you agree to be contacted, we may contact you via phone, email, SMS or WhatsApp. Unless you have indicated to us that you do not wish to receive ComRev information through the above communication channels, we will send you ComRev information by means of letter, email, or WhatsApp message.

Generally speaking, we will first seek your consent before collecting your personal data. ComRev will also provide you with an option to stop receiving ComRev information in our communications with you.

Tell ComRev how you wish your information to be used

If you wish to change your contact method, or request us to stop using your information for a certain purpose, please notify us by email with details of your name, contact number and email address.

If you do not wish to receive the latest news of ComRev via email, please check the “unsubscribe” button in the ComRev email. Please note that any changes may take time to take effect.

You have the right to cancel your consent at any time, even after your data have been processed and your consent received. Our communications with you will include instructions on how to stop receiving ComRev information.

About “cookies” files

Just like other websites, we will automatically record your visit information through “cookies”. “Cookies” are small data structures sent to your computer to record your visit to the website and to identify you when you visit us again in the future. Cookies help to improve your browsing experience. These “cookies” may be stored permanently on your computer, but they are harmless. You may choose to close or disable these “cookies” files in different ways. This will not affect your browsing of our website, however, certain functions of some pages may be restricted. Information we collect through “cookies” files includes the type and version of the web browser you are using, computer operating system, internet protocol address, and server domain name. We use the collected data only for compiling general statistics on the number of visits to the webpage and how the pages are used.

If you use this webpage to donate, we may ask you to provide certain personal information on a voluntary basis, including your name, phone number, residential address, email address. Credit card number, name of the issuing bank, and credit card expiration date will not be collected by ComRev but by the online payment gateway service provider (Please see “How does ComRev protect your data?” below). Your refusal to provide personal information may result in our website being unable to process your donation.

Does ComRev disclose your information to third parties?

ComRev provides personal data only to third parties representing ComRev and under the following circumstances:
• Process your donations; such as direct bank authorization, online credit card donations, etc.
• In compliance with legal requirements

ComRev will ensure data transmitted is encrypted.

ComRev will never share or sell your information to third-party organizations, allow them to contact you for any marketing purposes.

How does ComRev protect your data?

ComRev is committed to ensuring all your personal information is protected by appropriate measures at technological, management and work environment levels. For example, when we collect personal data from you, these data will be stored in a secure server for ComRev.

All online donations received by ComRev are processed by our designated online service provider “AsiaPay”. ComRev coordinates with AsiaPay to ensure all donations made through the ComRev website are protected to the highest extent. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, which protects the transmission of data on the Internet. To learn more about the advanced, secured measures employed by Asiapay and its PayDollar payment gateway for its payment solutions, please visit and

Please note that the ComRev website displays links to third-party websites from time to time. If you enter any linked website, please note that these websites have their own company/organization privacy policies, and ComRev is not responsible for their policies.

Although ComRev has established preventive measures, online data transmission security cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, ComRev can only try our best to comply with the ComRev established policies to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee the personal data you provided to us will be fully secured during transmission.

Please understand and assume the associated risk.

Can your request your personal information?

You can contact ComRev anytime to request your personal data record. If your personal information needs to be changed, or you find our record to be inaccurate, please contact ComRev directly. Email:; Tel: 3484 3345.

Notification of Privacy Policy Change

ComRev reserves the rights to revise its privacy policy. Please visit this webpage for the latest policy revisions.